rapid brand expansion!

Inspire » What motivates customers to choose?

Empowered with a unique insight, we brainstorm and strategize to generate genuine inspirational mechanisms, whether these be founded on a subtle combination of rational facts, emotional hooks or influential attributes of your brand or service.

For every product or service there are inspirational "fuses" that can be lit in the hearts and minds of it's prospective buyers. These messages are carefully crafted from the unique insight and when delivered at just the right time, in just the right way, these consumers, are immediately inspired to action.

Ignite » What sets your customers on fire?

The creative spark! The genius! The big idea! We determine a novel, unique and creative core message and add to our inspiration the exact messaging, tonality and creative required to persuade the least aware of our prospectives, shift those considering to certainty and convert the likers of our brand to lovers!

As people we are easily persuaded by powerful, convincing communication, especially when it is engineered to feed a need or want. Our message must be targeted and clear, wrapped in aspiration and oozing quality cues and desirability, with every element working in harmony to enhance the core message

Explode » Where, when and how big must the bang be?

We've got the fire, now we add the fuel… we produce the highest quality printed collateral, the most engaging electronic and interactive elements, the most explosive advertisements and combine them with a targeted, impactful and effective media campaign that rapidly blasts our message home!

Selecting just the right elements and media channels is an art. Going too big will result in wastage and be inefficient, but often, going too small can be just as wasteful, resulting in diminishing returns versus the effort invested. In addition to the messaging and creative, it is essential that the timing, scale, collateral elements and media vehicles are just right.

Whether your campaign only requires a logo, business card and a web site, or whether it is a multi-media above-the-line launch, the same exacting care and thought will be applied to ensure that it delivers the expected results.

Expand » How to harness the energy?

After the campaign launch, big or small, the real skill is to maximise the potential benefits of the effort. Ensuring mechanisms are in place to explore every lead generated, to leverage every relationship initiated, to respond to every enquiry created, to measure our campaign effectiveness, as well as carefully massage the brand equity to meet on-going consumer expectations. Carefully and strategically building the brand on the foundation created.

Growth comes from ensuring that the brand expansion in the hearts and minds of our audience, becomes an increased transactional expansion at the bank.

We are fanatical about extracting new insights from each campaign, and feeding them back into the "insight to expand" process, tweaking our ideas, messaging and creative, enabling us to re-channel the harnessed energy and use it to generate further expansion!

Our insight to expand process

Our proven business process creates rapid brand expansion for your business.  Based on meaningful insights, we will help develop the spark that inspires and ignites your customers, and ultimately expands your brand.